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About Active Life Tennis Pula, Istria

Tennis holidays in Pula are a perfect active vacation, Fun, social and a lot of fitness! Whether you’re a beginner or returning to tennis after a break, coaching will get you up to speed quickly and enhance your enjoyment of the game. We use different drills and points play as well as advise you on technique improvements to help you develop your game, confidence and prevent injury.

With dedicated coaching, we will help you develop your serve, ground shots and volley to enable you to improve your game from the back of the court through to net play. For you to become a better volley player you have to push yourself to the net more often. Playing more doubles is always the very best way to develop the volley.

One- on- one coaching is perfect for anyone looking to understand the basics of tennis and to improve their game to win more matches. Suitable for adults and juniors of all levels. During your lesson, we will work on your technique and how to develop every single shot. We make you a better tennis player on beautiful tennis courts at Park Plaza Verudela Sport Center in Pula. A fantastic 18 – clay courts facility. ActiveLife Tennis are also coaching in other locations around Pula city.


ACTIVELIFE TENNIS is determined to deliver great tennis coaching to all ages and abilities. Our philosophy is to teach players of any age or standard to enjoy the game of tennis. We love to share our life long passion for tennis by helping people from all backgrounds to experience the game. We use well-established coaching methods using S.M.A.R.T goals to help you achieve your goals of improving and having fun.
S.M.A.R.T tennis goals are: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Time based. Lessons are planned so that training is appropriate for the age and skill of the player. We have lessons and tennis camps in Pula and Istria for you to become a better tennis player. Our main headquarter is located in the heart of Pula at Park Plaza Sport Center in Verudela. We also coach and teach tennis in the whole Pula area and across Istria.


ACTIVELIFE TENNIS believe that anyone can be able to play tennis, no matter age or ability. With so many years of playing and teaching on tennis courts around the world, we can say that the track records show positive feedback. The game of tennis is not just about chasing the yellow ball, it´s so much more. All the fantastic people you meet and you get to share their life stories is truly amazing. We want to show you how great this sport is and how much it gives back with love and friendship from people you gather, meet with on the courts and around tennis courts and facilities. Join the ActiveLife Tennis family and let us introduce you to the sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. Are you a beginner? Get in touch and we give you a free tennis lesson for an hour for you to try and enjoy together with us in Pula.

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Staffan Anderin is the owner of ActiveLife Tennis and tennis teacher in Pula. Staffan has been in tennis for more than 40 years. He played professional tennis in the USA and was also teaching across in the U.S and Sweden which is his home country. Educated for teaching and coaching tennis at Bosön in Stockholm, Sweden, and a USPTA education in Florida, USA. Staffan has extensive playing and coaching experience and will help you to learn how to play tennis, or if you want to challenge yourself and take your game to the next level. No matter your reasons for wanting to get into the game of tennis, tennis is fun and will also get you in good shape and meet new friends at Park Plaza Verudela Sport and Tennis Center.

ActiveLife Tennis would like to welcome you to Pula in Istria to improve your game of tennis with USPTA- professional Tennis Lessons in Pula.
Staffan Anderin.


• Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Responsible for all social, coaching and competitive aspects at Altadena Tennis club for teenagers. Also a tennis school for adults and tournaments.

• Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Private teaching for adults in the Birmingham area and responsible for courts in Vestavia Hills.

• Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Teaching tennis at Highland Park and private lessons in the Fort Lauderdale area.

• USPTA Education for pro teaching 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida- USA.

• Edsbergs Tennis Club, Sweden
Tennis coaching program for youth tennis ages 9-17 and also private teaching for teenagers, adults and corporate tennis at SEB- Scandinavian Bank.

• Sollentuna Tennis Club, Sweden
Responsible for kids tennis school for learning tennis and other ball sports and how to interact with other kids in different situations. Social learning and solving problems in a group to help kids grow as persons.

• Teaching in Pula, Croatia at several locations since August 2015 with my company ActiveLife Tennis. Verudela Tennis Center is the main location.


• Ranked top 10 among players in the age group in Sweden.

• Played tennis for the Swedish bank Scandinavian Bank (SEB).

• College tennis at Samford University, Birmingham, USA.

• Many years of touring and playing tournaments across USA and Sweden, Junior and senior circuit.

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