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Pula and ISTRIA


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Pula and istria

Pearl of Istria

About Pula - your tennis destination

Pula – The City of Tolerance

At the top of the Adriatic sea, a mysterious city lies along with its 3,000-year-old history. The name of the city is Pula and these are amazing things you should know about the southernmost city in Istria. Also Known for accepting everyone from everywhere have given Pula another multicultural push and the rainbow just got bigger. Pula is also known as the city of lights with beautiful sunsets to watch and crystal water to enjoy and relax in and feel at home for everyone.

Welcome to my city of Pula!



Pula is truly a vibrant city and at the same time.

Firstly, it is a lively port city with a certain sense of metropolis, while at the same time you are given a deep insight into the impressive history of the town and region. In addition, there are excellent opportunities to enjoy the sun and bath, not least along the beaches of Medulin and on the Verudela peninsula. In the archipelago outside lies the beautiful Brijuni Islands, one of Croatia’s eight national parks.

​Like Rome, the city is built on seven hills and one of the most visited sights in Pula was also built during Roman times. The amphitheater, popularly known as the Arena, was first built on a small scale by Claudius and was then expanded 79 AD to be used for gladiatorial games. It then held 23,000 spectators. Today it is used as a concert scene and it is also here that Pula’s traditional film festival takes place. The amphitheater is the sixth largest in the world. Pula film festival is a great experience for your visit inPula.

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